Our mission

We’re here to make eco-friendly dining an easy option

What we eat doesn’t just impact our health. It impacts our world.

26% of greenhouse gas emissions are related to food.

“Food is the single strongest lever we can action to optimize human health and environment sustainability”

EAT-Lancet Commission report, 2019

Achieving sustainability requires a radical transformation

We partner with a scientifically-designed planetary health diet that nourishes our bodies and improves sustainability. But the way we eat around the world needs to radically change to achieve our goals.

How can our food be more sustainable?

  • Limiting the amount of meat we eat, or choosing more sustainable options like poultry or pork, rather than beef, veal, or lamb
  • Eating organic, local, and seasonal produce which use less water and energy and reduce the chemical pollution in our soils
  • Choosing sustainably sourced fish to protect against overfishing

What is a sustainable restaurant?

  • A restaurant that chooses eco-friendly ingredients
  • A restaurant that minimizes waste
  • A restaurant that reduces energy consumption

(1) EAT-Lancet Commission report, 2019

The FiG badge makes eco-friendly dining an easy option, available on online restaurant discovery platforms.

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