Why become a FiG restaurant?

Customers choose eco-friendly restaurants

The FiG badge brings you added visibility so that you can be found easily on restaurant discovery platforms like TripAdvisor, TheFork, and more.

90% of diners
in Paris say they would choose a restaurant with a lower environmental impact

Poll by LaFourchette on 780 diners, Paris, September 2019

65% of diners
say they are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly restaurant


The FiG badge helps you attract more customers

Get discovered

Get discovered by eco-conscious customers searching on the major online restaurant sites and apps.

Show your commitment

Display your FIG sticker and certificate in your restaurant to attract walk-in customers.

Spread the word

Customers who share your values will help spread the word, bringing in even more like-minded diners.

Join a Community of Eco-Friendly Restaurants

We’re here to support you and your progress with community driven tips, partners, and sustainability best practices.

More than 120 restaurants already joined the FiG community!

Save Your Restaurant Money

Sustainability won’t just help attract more customers. You’ll also boost your bottom line with thoughtful sourcing and more efficient waste and energy management. For every dollar invested in food waste reduction, restaurants can realize up to $8 in savings(1).

(1) Source: World Resources Institute (2017)

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